We guide people in developing an ability to create and enjoy fulfilling relationships and to remain happy independent of circumstances.

We guide people in developing an ability to create and enjoy fulfilling relationships and to remain happy independent of circumstances.

Our Philosophy

The importance of fulfilling relationships in building long, healthy lives has now been ratified by the findings of Harvard’s Grant and Glueck study. The relationships one forges today have a direct impact on mental and physical health through our lives, but especially in the golden years.
Experience the relationships you always wanted. ​We also believe that happiness is a choice, independent of the condition of one’s life. We are each capable of creating our happiness, yet the challenge remains in attaining this in the face of our daily reality. Our work here is dedicated to turning this esoteric idea into an ability that you can tap into and live a fuller, more harmonious life through self-renewal and transformation.

Who we are

Madhusree Dasgupta

Madhusree Dasgupta

Leadership & Mindfulness Coach, Co-founder – WeSutra

A few years back, I experienced a rough phase in my life. I was struggling to manage my relationships and had been externalising my problems. But an introspection helped me gain an insight to engineer my own happiness and reharmonize my life. I discovered that relationships are the core to achieve fulfilment and joy in life.

As I remodelled my relationships, other areas of life including my health and career witnessed significant transformations, too. Most importantly, I found my calling in Healing and founded WeSutra. WeSutra is my journey of sharing this capability with you.

I use Mindfulness, Somatics and Ontology models from internationally-researched organisations in my work to help people in transforming their experiences with themselves and others.

Alok Choudhari

Alok Choudhuri

Reiki Healer , Co-founder – WeSutra

My journey as an energy healer began when my daughter met with an accident and I witnessed the benefit she received from Reiki. That meeting with her healer changed my life and started me on an exploration of the field of healing. Healing found me and now I know this is what I am meant to do. Healing is my unique gift and purpose in this life.

Under my first master’s guidance, I learned initial levels of Reiki and also discovered that I am capable of “doing” more than this. My discovery of the realm of Reiki was followed by the exploration of other energy healing practices as I moved along the energy healing course. I walked the path of learning more about energy healing and went on to Pranic Healing, Nada Yoga and Singing Bowl Healing. This journey has transformed me each passing day and is a sure guide if you do not know where to go next.

...The Next Step

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