Chronic Anxiety Management

A Life Stuck In What If

We’ve all been there! A well-spent day turns into a bad one within a few minutes when some of these thoughts arise:

  • “What if the boss doesn’t like my presentation?”
  • “What will I do if something unexpected or bad happens to me?”
  • “What if my partner reacts negatively when I say X?

Have you ever noticed how much of our energy and mental space goes into protecting ourselves from hypothetical situations and dialogues? To quote Mark Twain “My life has been filled with terrible misfortunes most of which never happened”. Such a comic relief, isn’t it? Knowing that it’s true for everyone around us.

It’s an established fact that our brain has a negative bias. We constantly scan for survival threats. This fear of uncertainty or something going wrong, of course, has its gifts. It allows us to be cautious at turns while driving, makes us buy insurance, makes us go through the slides before that important presentation, and in today’s world, makes us wear masks.

In short, the negative bias of the mind is essential for our survival.

The downside is, of course, it may cause us to see a rope as a snake! Imagine threats where none exist. In the process we end up robbing ourselves of a much valuable thing: the present moment.  Each one of us, of course, has different threshold levels to process the anxiety of our day-to-day life. Some can remain grounded and thrive even in the face of challenges while some, unfortunately, experience being in a state of chronic anxiety. And then there are some that relish the greatest gift one can have: the present!

Here’s something you can take into account. When we are in an anxious state or see signs of Chronic Stress And Anxiety, everything can scare us. But in a relatively calm state, in a mindful state, we realise, we will be okay. Looking in the present moment, one realizes, that maybe terrible things won’t happen to me!

So, let us take a very small step towards living with anxiety. Let us start with a simple mindfulness practice to help you stay in the ‘here and now’. And it can be done, anytime and anywhere! No closing eyes. Just a 10-minute neuroscience-based practice to strengthen the skills of Concentration, Self-Awareness and Emotional Stability.

And if you require a break for a minute or two amid the daily hustle-bustle, this practice can help. Whether it is after a stressful meeting or during an argument with a dear one, you can always use it as your own personal pause button to bring you back to the present moment.

Please Note: This practice may not suffice for an overwhelming episode of a panic attack or chronic anxiety. For Chronic Anxiety Disorder and Chronic Anxiety Management, we recommend you to connect for Individual sessions.

For effective management of chronic stress and anxiety listen to this focus out audio

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