Owing to its effectiveness, there is a reasonable hype around mindfulness. If you break away the hype, mindfulness is just being present. Asking yourself the question, “What’s happening right now?” every moment. This state of awareness allows us to fully experience the moment we are in, intentionally and non-judgmentally. Not while thinking about the future, not while ruminating about the past, but in the here and now.

Why should one meditate?

Mindfulness teacher, Shinzen Young elaborates on how meditation allows us to optimise five key dimensions of human happiness.

Eight-week workshop

We take you on an eight-week journey based on the scientific practices of Unified Mindfulness to help you learn the skills of getting more out of life.

You learn six techniques, each technique has its unique benefit and context of practice and develops your skills of Concentration, Clarity and Equanimity. 

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A virtual tour of the experience through our participants

Personalised Mindfulness Coaching

Combined with Somatics, Ontology, NLP, and Marshal Rosenburg’s Nonviolent Communication, the coaching sessions allow your coach to do focused, intensive work with you through advanced techniques to help you on your way to health, happiness and peace.

Our coaches combine Mindfulness with researched methodologies to create a holistic experience for you.