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There have been some incredible breakthroughs, got an insight into 'Who I am?'


My blood pressure levels stabilized within just two weeks of practising mindfulness



I feel more relaxed and calm even in difficult situations.

I attended a “Unified Mindfulness” program conducted by Madhusree Dasgupta, who made the entire program very simple and helped me to connect with myself and with others better.

The duration of program is perfect – 1 hr every week through video call. We had lots of practice in learning the techniques and also learned from shared experiences. The concepts were very refreshing and I especially liked concepts like “See Hear Feel, Noting & Labelling, Rest.

I feel more relaxed and calm even in difficult situations. Every individual must attend this program.


Simple to understand, Easy to practise

This is how I would put my experience of Mindfulness sessions.

You’d be amazed how time flies by once you’re in the session. While Mindfulness itself is becoming quite popular these days (there are books too!), I chose to experience it rather than just read about it. The exercises are so simple, I can do them while commuting, reading, or even while I am in a meeting actively involved in a discussion! It is not something that needs ‘extra time’ to practise. Mindfulness integrates with our routine activities, and the effects are amazing.
My concentration and focus has improved substantially. During crisis situations, am able to maintain my composure and think clearly. This is a huge advantage in the corporate world today, where we are constantly dealing with issues. Mindfulness has also helped me become a better listener. This in turn, has helped me towards fostering better relationships!

I thank Madhusree Ma’am for introducing me to Mindfulness and confidently recommend her as a Coach

Can now get to calm state much faster than before!

Going through the 8 sessions of Unified Mindfulness with Madhusree was an amazing experience. The tools/ techniques are really easy to understand and practise in day to day life. The beauty lies that these not only can be practised as a dedicated practice time (say morning or night) but also in shorter moments throughout the day. Unified Mindfulness provides a basket of tools and techniques and practising those helped me to come to my center/ calm state much faster than before and provided me with mindful moments throughout the day.”

Madhusree took us through the tools/ techniques with such simplicity and ease, that it just made my 8 weeks more peaceful and positive.



I feel more centered, things don't bother me like they used to

Monica Jubayli

It was a handcrafted healing recipe just for me, allowed me to deepen into myself

When there came a point in my life when I was going through emotional trauma, heartache and confusion, my coaching sessions helped me in making sense of what happened.

It offered me a safe and nonjudgmental space to think about my relationship in depth, the unbearable feelings of failure and disappointment and other emotions that I was experiencing and gain some clarity of thought. It provided me the ‘ending/closure’ that I was seeking to help me better understand about what was good and what went wrong that led to the breakdown of my relationship.

The multiple assignments and sessions helped in minimizing the hurt, bitterness and hostility that I felt for my ex-partner and gave me the courage to move forward with a positive mindset for the future. Though it was hard to see things in a positive light at the outset, the coaching did teach me to let go of the past and offered me the motivation to start a new journey.


Krisztian Primasz

Mindfulness practices helped me process anger and difficult emotions